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High Performance Heat Transfer Tubing Manufacturers

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Products and Services

Manufactured to ASME designations in sizes from 1.50” OD to 3.25” OD”

Manufactured to ASME designations in sizes from 1.50” OD to 3.25” OD”

SA-513 mechanical tubing is ideal for tubular air heaters, and other applications requiring mechanical carbon & alloy tubing.

TEKtube’s revolutionary ribbed tubing reduces the size of firetube boilers and tubular air heaters.

Product and Process Capabilities

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rosa Operating is currently known as one of the largest manufacturers who is producing ERW carbon steel boiler tubes in North America.

TEKtube Tubular Products has been manufacturing Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) carbon steel tubing since the year 1989. ERW carbon steel tubing is specifically used in heat transfer applications.

Our three decades of considerable experience has, essentially, led to the development of value-added services and high quality products for our customers. We have the ability to successfully meet your company's requirements in quality, volume and delivery.

TEKtube Tubular Products

  • SA-178 Boiler Tubing
  • SA-214 Heat Exchanger Tubing
  • SA-513 Mechanical Tubing
  • X-ID Boiler Tubing

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Industries Served

Oil & Gas

heat exchanger tubing

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Did you know?

"Throughout our history, the boiler industry and our member base have relied on the ABMA to lead the industry as it tackles challenges and embraces opportunities in our constantly evolving sector."
-  American Boiler Manufacture Association


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X-ID® Boiler Tubing has a proprietary design that is going to improve boiler efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Reducing the consumption of fuel will, ultimately, result in lower emissions of NOx and other pollutants.

The X-ID® technology has set a new standard for heat transfer efficiency. X-ID® boiler tubing has the ability to significantly increase the heat transfer of gas that is flowing inside the tube, as opposed to equivalent bare tubing. X-ID tubes will deliver more power, while also providing a better performance.

TEKtube has been manufacturing Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) carbon steel tubes since the year 1989. We pride ourselves on offering the shortest lead times in the industry for high quality tubing and heat recovery products.

TEKtube uses the latest in advanced welding technology to improve operational efficiency and production quality. Our facility incorporates Eddy Current after the welding process, as well as after kneeling the tube, in order to provide a higher standard on temperature and atmospheric control.

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