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Welcome to Rosa Operating!

Rosa Operating is the leading manufacturer of ERW boiler tubes in North America and across the globe.

Rosa Operating produces millions of feet of boiler, mechanical and condenser tubing every year. We have a 134,000 square feet plant that can handle fully integrated productions.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and production equipment to deliver products designed for application efficiency and labor productivity. Our production systems guarantee the highest quality standards ever possible.

Highest Quality Tubing

Rosa Operating is one of the largest producers in North America of ERW carbon steel boiler tubes. Major boiler manufacturers and tubing distribution companies across different industries trust Rosa Operating for their tubing needs.

Since the foundation in 1989, Rosa Operating has always been committed to producing quality products and delivering on time to our customers. We only use graded steel and metals in our production. Rosa Operating also follows standard specifications to produce high-quality tubes perfect for high heat transfer applications.

  • Meets all SA-178/SA-178M-02 standard specifications
  • Grades A, C, and D
  • ISO-9001 certified and is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Condenser tubing meets SA-214/SA-214M-96 specifications

Rosa Operating products include the SA-178 boiler tubing, SA-513 mechanical tubing, SA-214 heat exchanger/condenser tubing, and the X-ID® boiler tubing.
All of our tubing product lines is subjected to eddy current testing of the weld, as well as full body eddy current testing after annealing. To provide an even higher standard on temperature and atmospheric control, both eddy current and ultrasonic testing are incorporated on-line.

Our state-of-the-art production systems enable us to produce tubes in various sizes from 1.25” O.D. to 3.25” with a length of up to 70 feet.

Our years of experience in the industry coupled with our talented group of people allows us to give only the best products and services to our valued clients.

Reach out to Rosa Operating for a quick turnaround, transportation, improved efficiency, and reduced costs for your tubing and other heat recovery unit’s needs.

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