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TEKtube’s mill has been manufacturing ERW tubes for use in heat transfer applications since 1989.

TEKtube’s solid-state high frequency ERW tube mill can produce over 3.5 million lbs of tubing every month. TEKtube can produce tubes from 1.50” OD to 3.25” in a wide variety of sizes in lengths of up to 70 feet.

TEKtube’s X-ID® internally enhanced boiler tube has made it possible to achieve high firetube boiler efficiencies with compact footprints. The X-ID® tube has also been instrumental in development of the larger BHP firetube boilers.

Today we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and have been ISO 9001 certified since 1994; we are a leader in producing high quality products serving a wide range of industries.

TEKtube manufactures SA-178 boiler tubing, SA-513 mechanical tubing, and SA-214 heat exchanger / condenser tubing. TEKtube is one of the largest producers of ERW carbon steel boiler tubes in North America, producing millions of feet each year. All our tubing is subjected to eddy current testing of the weld, as well as full body eddy current testing after annealing.

Rosa Full Screen

State-of-the-Art Production Space

A 134,000 square foot, fully integrated production plant that features the most advanced technologies and production equipment.

We designed our production systems to deliver products with the highest labor efficiencies, and with higher quality standards than ever before possible. Rosa Operating's Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001-2015 standards.

Going The Extra Mile For Quality Assurance.

At Rosa, all tubing is subjected to full periphery electrical testing per ASME, using an ERIC-V eddy current tester after each annealing, plus eddy current testing of every weld. This assures tubing of the highest quality without defects or voids.

State-of-the art and quality are words Rosa Operating does not take lightly or for granted; these are an important part of our operating fundamentals.

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