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What Is X-ID® Boiler Tubing?


Are you looking to improve boiler efficiency?

X-ID® Boiler Tubing is going to significantly improve boiler performance and enhance your operational efficiency. The X-ID® boiler technology has the ability to deliver more power and performance, essentially setting a new standard for heat transfer efficiency. Today, X-ID® boiler tubes are a preferred choice in industrial boiler applications.

Typical applications that benefit from X-ID® Boiler Tubing:

  • Biomass
  • Wood-Burning Boilers
  • Coal-Burning Boilers
  • Ambient Air Heaters
  • Municipal Solid Waste Applications
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boilers

X-ID® Boiler Tubes

The primary purpose of an X-ID® boiler tube is to improve heat transfer efficiency within the boiler.

In essence, X-ID® boiler tubing is an internally augmented tube that substantially increases the heat transfer of gas that is flowing inside the tubing, as opposed to equivalent bare tubes.

The foot print and space requirements for an X-ID®-tubed boiler are less than those of an equivalent boiler that is equipped with plain tubes. This is because each X-ID® boiler tube has an I.D. heat transfer rate that is 85% greater than the plain tube.

Helical ribs are embossed on the inside of the tubing, which leads to an increased surface area. Traditionally, boiler tubing contains a relatively smooth inner surface. However, when it comes to the X-ID® boiler tubes, they are specially engineered with a modified internal geometry that features advanced surface projections and rifling. These rifled projections create a spiral pattern inside the tubing, which expands the internal surface area compared to smooth tubes.

By increasing the surface area for heat exchange, X-ID® boiler tubing allows for better transfer of heat that is flowing inside the tubes. This enhanced heat transfer is going to result in numerous benefits for your boiler operation.

Advantages of X-ID® Boiler Tubing

Utilizing the advanced X-ID® Boiler Tubing in your boiler operation is going to have a variety of benefits.

01. Improved Heat Transfer

The X-ID® boiler tubes are manufactured with a modified internal geometry that creates a spiral pattern on the inside of the tubing. This particular pattern will greatly increase the surface area that is available for heat transfer. An increased surface area is going to lead to improved heat transfer efficiency, better utilization of energy and reduced fuel consumption.

02. Cost Savings

Enhanced heat transfer efficiency will, ultimately, translate into cost savings. With X-ID® boiler tubing, cost savings of up to 20% on the entire boiler package can be obtained. X-ID® boiler tubes are going to reduce your operating costs and ensure a more economical boiler system overall.

03. Enhanced Boiler Performance & Operational Efficiency

X-ID® boiler tubing will optimize boiler performance and enhance your operational efficiency, by maximizing the transfer of heat within the tubing. The increased heat transfer is going to enable a more effective heat exchange, essentially leading to significant energy savings, especially for the industrial facilities that heavily rely on boilers for operation.

04. Higher Steam Generation

X-ID® boiler tubes offer enhanced heat flux, which is attained through the increased surface area. The enhanced heat flux allows for higher steam generation rates. Therefore, the boiler is able to produce larger quantities of steam within a specified time frame, ensuring greater capacity for industrial processes or power generation. With the ability to generate steam more quickly, productivity and operational flexibility improves.

05. Less Fouling & Scaling

The spiral pattern that is created by the rifling projections in X-ID® boiler tubing is going to, ultimately, disrupt the formation of deposits on the tube’s surface. This helps to minimize fouling and scaling issues that can be caused by impurities, minerals in the water or combustion gasses. Reduced fouling and scaling, generally, contributes to:

  • Sustained boiler efficiency
  • Extended operating cycles
  • Decreased maintenance requirements

06. Better Resistance to Thermal Stress

X-ID® boiler tubing will exhibit better resistance to thermal stress and fatigue, specifically when compared to the traditional smooth tubes. With the modified internal geometry, the structural integrity of the tubing strengthens. Thus, reducing the risk of failures that can be caused by thermal cycling. This is going to enhance the longevity of the boiler system, as well as minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

07. Increased Reliability

X-ID® boiler tubing will enhance the reliability of your boiler system overall. You will have a durable boiler system that is resistant to fouling, scaling and thermal stress. This tubing provides a stable and uninterrupted boiler operation, by reducing the likelihood of tube failures. Not only that, but this tubing can also successfully maintain efficient heat transfer. This increased reliability is, particularly, important for the industries that heavily rely on continuous and constant steam or heat generation.

High Quality X-ID® Boiler Tubing

Boiler tubing plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of industrial boilers.

X-ID® boiler tubes are a highly valuable choice for your boiler operation, promoting energy savings, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Get a quote today, so that you can start improving your boiler efficiency!

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