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We have moved the location of our corporate headquarters!

The successful acquisition of Fintube took place in March of 2018, by Rosa Operating. Rosa Operating, LLC is now the owner and operating entity of Fintube. Rosa Operating has moved its corporate headquarters from 555 W. 41st Street to 4141 S. Galveston Avenue. There are two main reasons for the move – operations and savings.

Efficient Operations
One of the main reasons for the move was to get closer to the TEKtube operation. TEKtube is a well-known manufacturer of ERW tubes for heat transfer applications since 1989. With experience of three decades, TEKtube is one of the largest producers of ERW carbon steel boiler tubes in North America and is responsible for millions of feet production every year.

TEKtube manufactures SA-178 boiler tubing, SA-513 mechanical tubing, and SA-214 heat exchanger or condenser tubing. All tubers are subjected to eddy current testing of the weld, as well as full body eddy current testing after annealing, ensuring the quality of every product.

TEKtube is able to secure an ISO 9001:2015 certification and have been ISO 9001 certified
since 1994. By moving its operations closer to TEKtube, Rosa Operating is able to secure the same state-of-the-art and efficient production, producing high-quality products for a wide range of industries.

A Wise Business Strategy
Rosa Operating needs a space more commensurate with the current size of the new company. By occupying a smaller footprint, they were able to provide savings in general and administrative expenses. The company utilizes its savings to operational investments – adding the latest capital equipment, implementing changes to improve operational efficiency and enhancing overall administrative and production operations.

As a world leader in heat transfer technology and a producer of advanced products that increase the operational efficiency of boilers, heat exchangers and related products, Rosa Operating continuously provide only the best products and services. With a well-known brand, 60 years of experience, and recognition as the technological leader in all three product divisions, Rosa Operating aims to maintain its reputation for years to come. Learn more about Rosa Operating and TEKtube story.

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