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We Moved Corporate Headquarters! After the successful acquisition of Fintube in March 2018 by Rosa & Unis, Rosa Operating LLC is now the owner and operating entity of Fintube. Rosa Operating has moved its corporate headquarters from 555 W. 41st Street to 4141 S. Galveston. There are two main reasons for the move – operations…

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TEKtube Tubular Products has manufactured ERW tubes for use in heat transfer applications since 1989. TEKtube’s solid-state high frequency ERW tube mill can produce over 3.5 million lbs of tubing every month. TEKtube can produce tubes from 1.25” O.D. to 3.25” in a wide variety of sizes in lengths of up to 70 feet.

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Welcome To Rosa Operating

Welcome to Rosa Operating! Rosa Operating is the leading manufacturer of ERW boiler tubes in North America and across the globe. Rosa Operating produces millions of feet of boiler, mechanical and condenser tubing every year. We have a 134,000 square feet plant that can handle fully integrated productions. We use state-of-the-art technologies and production equipment…

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